Installing the neuEdit Server components

An instance of the neuEdit Server is required for each IBM i you connect to. When establishing a connection to the IBM i using the New Server wizard, you will have the option to install the server components. The user profile that’s used to install the neuEdit server must have authority to the following IBM i commands:

  • CRTLIB to create the NEUEDIT10 library.
  • RSTOBJ to restore the neuEdit objects.
  • CRTUSRPRF to create a NDTUSER user profile that will be responsible for running the neuEdit server.
  • ADDPJE to create a prestart job entry on the QUSRWRK subsystem.

Installation instructions can also be found in the neuEdit User Manual that’s included with the product. You can also download the manual from here.

Installation Parameters

Host: Enter the IP address or system name. If using the system name, it must be resolvable by your DNS server.
User ID: Enter the user profile that will be performing this installation step.
Password: Enter the password for this profile.
Port: By default, the neuEdit client communicates with the server using port 12375. If this port is not available, you can supply a different port number.

Manually installating the neuEdit Server components

If the above process does not work, or if FTP is not running on your iSeries, you can use the following steps to install the server components. These steps must be performed by QSECOFR or a user with similar authority.

Performing the installation

1. Create the save file NDTSAVF in QGPL.


2. Transfer the server.dat save file to this save file. This file is located in the resources folder in the neuEdit directory.

3. Restore the NDTINSTALL library using the following command:


4. Run the installation by issuing the following call:


5. Delete the installation library and save file:


Entering the license key

After a manual installation, you must enter the license key. This can be done on using Configure neuEdit (CFGNDT) command