neuEdit brings the power of a GUI to your IBM i. At it’s core is it’s editing capabilities, but neuEdit is so much more than that. Checkout some of the features neuEdit has to offer.

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The Editor

The neuEdit grid makes it remarkably easy to navigate through the largest datasets. You no longer have to wait years to memorize all the  6 or 10 character field names.  neuEdit gives you the ability to display the field name, field text or description in the column headings.  And regardless of your preference – the field name, type, size and description of the selected field are always displayed in the grids status bar.  The key field sequence numbers are conveniently identified in the column heading as well.

Single Record Editing

Editing record one-at-a-time a using neuEdit’s single entry screen.  No matter how many fields your file has, neuEdit will neatly lay them out across several tabs if necessary.

Undelete Records

You know that sinking feeling you get when you accidentally delete something?  Not a problem.  Browse through the deleted records and recover the ones you want with neuEdit’s undelete feature.


Yep, got those too.  neuEdit provides a number of neatly-formatted reports out of the box.  Whether it’s data, field information, database relationships or file attributes, neuEdit provides a comprehensive list of reports at your disposal.

Field Information

Drag and drop fields in any order you’d like.  Buttons are provided to quickly order your fields in DDS, keyed or field name sequence.  Prefer to search instead?  Easily search for fields by name, text or description.  You can even find fields by type and size.  And of course, neuEdit will highlight your matches as you type.  You can also move the matched fields to the top of your field list with a click of the button.  Or if you prefer to use the keyboard – just hit <enter>.  However you sequence the fields, the new field order will be displayed in the grid view which allows you to page through scores of records to browse the information that’s most important to you.

Do your files have different internal and external field names – neuEdit allows you to toggle between them to allow you to view the field information you’re most familiar with.

Database Relations

neuEdit lets you really dig into all the information about the database relations.  View the keys, select/omit criteria and join information without opening each file.  neuEdit makes finding the right logical file a breeze by allowing you to set the top level information to the file description, the key fields or even the descriptions of the key fields.

Program References

Sometimes when debugging an issue, you’re just given a program name.  neuEdit provides you with the unique feature of opening program objects to see the objects that are referenced.  You’ll be able to see the files, data areas and program calls that are made.  Click on the program calls to really dig deep into the call stack.  And of course, you can open data files and data areas right from this screen.



Use neuEdit’s import wizard to Import data from an Excel spreadsheet, text file or other format.  Easily map the fields you need And of course, neuEdit allows you to export your data into these popular formats as well.

User Defined Relationships

Often times, it’s easier to understand data by viewing related information – not only view customers, but see what orders they have. And while your looking at the orders, why not pull up the item information as well?  neuEdit allows you to define your own relationships between any file on your system.  Once defined, navigating to the related information is now just a right-click away. What’s more, you can choose to share your relationships publicly which will allow newer programers to get up to speed with your system in no time.

So Much More

Editing data in hex, extended attributes, advanced filtering and more.  Have you ever had the need to recreate the DDS source from a file? neuEdit can help you with that too.  neuEdit is packed with features to make your job so much easier.  Our single user version is just $495 per system (serial number).  An unlimited user license is only $995.

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